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Setting the scene

It appears the boy was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Or was he? His face explodes with enthusiasm; as if he’s having the time of his life. 

In Kansas tornadoes are a yearly event, it’s as predictable as clouds, you are just going to have them. Perhaps the boy saw the tornado and conceived the idea on the spot. Instead of running for cover, he embraced the challenge! He is going to have fun, always; not mater the circumstances.


This painting required the assembly of several props, some odd angles and a few sketches.  There is always the challenge going from what the artist can see in his mind to the actual painting. Shadows, colors and other technical details have to be done on the fly, as not everything can be accounted for until the painting starts.


Barrel of Fun

Barrel of Fun

Farm House

Farm House

Painting Techniques

The artist utilized his 10-inch metal trowel as a paint brush for portions of the painting. This tool is a great way to gain massive texture and it shows in this abstract setting.

Primary colors have been chosen for this painting, with some variations of different hues. And of course color, color and more color is the theme of this painting.

This painting is probably the most arrogant of the American Boy series it its defiance of perfectionism. The artist has taken little care for correctness. The composition, edges, values and colors are incorrectly composed. This "arrogance" towards technique coupled with leaving the under painting on the edges of the canvas is in fact a perfect storm for an original artwork.  Its borderline dangerous of considering it an art piece at all. Perfect!